1/72 Italeri Jaguar T2

Gallery Article by Aamod Potdar on Aug 15 2020

  India Independence Day 



This is a rebuilt model of my earlier Jaguar T2 which I have posted here a couple of years ago. The model I had built in all grey tone was damaged beyond repair; at least that what I had thought back then when it was damaged. But I found it difficult to just throw the kit away even though it was damaged. And slowly as I built more and more kits, I finally got the confidence to rebuild this kit.

I had bought model alliance decal sheet which came with the option to build 3 different IAF versions and that confirmed my plans of rebuilding this kit again.

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I contacted Italeri to send me spares for the damaged part. Though it cost me similar to buying the new kit itself , it was after all rebuilt and I wanted to re-use old parts as much as possible. I had to let go of cockpit detailing as I could not locate the parts and Italeri could not send spares for the cockpit. The aircraft was finished in two tone camo belonging to Sqn no 27 Flamming Arrows of the Indian Air Force,

With this I have built 2 out of 3 version of Indian Air Force operates. As I mentioned, Model Alliance decal sheet comes with option to build three different variants of the India Air Force and with that I still have decal for the IM (Maritime) version and I plan to finish the trio.

Aamod Potdar

Photos and text by Aamod Potdar