1/48 Academy F-4J

Gallery Article by Cullan Lester on Aug 13 2020



This is my submission for the ARC Facebook group build. I have a F-4B which is next in my stack but going to try and take my time on it so likely wonít be done by the end of the group build.

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This is an F-4J of VMFA-232 from Nam Phong Royal Thai Airbase 1972. My father was an Air Traffic Controller at the base and this model will be given to him.

Kit is 1/48 Academy with Quickboost seats and Furball Aero decals. Painted with Vallejo acrylics. Mk82s were from the kit and the LAU-10s are Eduard.

This is my first Phantom as I almost exclusively build Marine Hornets and it was pretty enjoyable minus the plethora of stencils which actually went relatively fast once I got a good rhythm down.

Hope you all enjoy. Iím pretty proud of how this turned out.

Cullan Lester

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Photos and text © by Cullan Lester