1/48 Special Hobby SG-38

Gallery Article by Csaba Fodor on Aug 19 2020



This is my latest build, SG-38 from Special Hobby in 1:48 scale. It was a very nice experimental project. The goal was to test Uschi wood decals, and get experience with rigging.  It is not a flawless build, the paint job on the wings got quite a lot of dust, the rigging quality is far from what I expected.

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The kit itself is nice, but not without errors and simplifications. I tried to address as many I can, but for example the rudder cables are missing two exit holes on the fuselage sides, and I noticed this after finishing the whole fuselage cover.

Anyway, I have a second one of this kit in my stash.  And of course your feedback is appreciated!

Csaba Fodor

Photos and text by Csaba Fodor