1/48 Tamiya Spitfire V & Hasegawa Figures

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Aug 7 2020



It's a Tamiya aircraft kit: great plastic, thick decals. What more can I say?

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I wanted to make this with at least a few figures but I don't usually dabble in 1/48 scale - I didn't have any suitable figures laying around and didn't want to buy any. What I did have, was a few Hasegawa USAF groundcrew. How could they possibly go with a WWII Spit?

Aha, the plane could be a contemporary renovation, a modern day warbird, all glossy clean - but wouldn't that be a bit boring?

Actually, no, It was quite relaxing not worrying about weathering for once. Made me think it would be interesting doing a bunch of these especially using Harvards, say, in their almost infinite variety of latter-day paint schemes including fake German and Japanese colours.

The Hasegawa figures, should you be in any doubt, match the quality of the Tamiya Spit - all brush-painted in Tamiya acrylics. The base is nothing more than some scrap insulation board. Oh, and the towing thing is ancient Esci.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry