1/72 Azur Dassault Mystère IAF

Gallery Article by Murli Rajan on Aug 15 2020

  India Independence Day 



The Dassault MD.454 Mystere IV is a 1950 French Fighter Bomber 

India Procured 104 Aircraft in 1957. The aircraft was used extensively in the 1965 Indo-Pak war 

What I have depicted here is an Aircraft from No.8 Sqn (Pursoots), Indian Air Force.  This is a part of a Group build from our Facebook Modelling Group 'Indian Scale Modellers' we all decided to build the exact aircraft and same markings. 

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This Azur kit is one of the better kits available for a Mystère IVA, but discussions with the experts on our group revealed there was some room for improvements and some details not being there on the kit and some specific to the Indian Air Force Mystere. The absence of the NACA vents was one of them that took a bit of work and the resin seat which came with the kit was discarded and had to scratch build the SNCASO seat. Also the intake and the light took a lot of effort as parts of it had to be scratch built, puttied and sanded carefully. The Kit decals also were found inaccurate as far as the colors went, so I had to hand paint over then and the red on the cheat line was masked and spray painted.

Over all an enjoyable build and a learning experience with my fellow Group Build friends.

And wishing every one a Happy Indian Independence Day "Jai HInd"

Murli Rajan

Photos and text © by Murli Rajan