1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS 1

Gallery Article by Sodasorb on Aug 10 2020



This is the Kinetic 1/48th Sea Harrier FRS 1 (SHAR) I built after I got interested in doing a bit more reading on the Falklands War. One of the books I read was Commander Nigel "Sharkey" Ward's book Sea Harrier over the Falklands.

The Kinetic kit includes an extensive decal sheet that allows you to build every Sea Harrier FRS 1 in Royal Navy service. The Falkland SHARs were the highlighted subjects for me.

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This model depicts Ward's 801 Squadron SHAR flying from the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible. Ward was flying this particular SHAR (XZ451/006) when he shot down an Argentinian Pucara near Goose Green 21 May 1982 using cannon fire. That same day, but flying a different Sea Harrier, Ward scored his second kill using a Sidewinder to down a Argentine Air Force "Dagger". His last kill of the war happened on 01 June 1982 while flying XZ451/006 when he shot down an Argentinean C-130 with both a Sidewinder and cannon fire. 

Sea Harriers were painted overall Extra Dark Sea Grey on their way south to the Falklands from their peace time high visibility schemes. I used Tamiya Acrylic Dark Sea Grey for scale effect and to depict a war worn aircraft over a pre-shaded Mr. Surfacer primer coat. I built the kit OTB with the exception of an added Master's Sea Harrier FRS 1 brass pitot to replace the kit's part and foil seat belts. I finished off with a Model Master semi-gloss coat.


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Photos and text by Sodasorb