1/48 Tamiya Fw190D plus Sculptural Base

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Aug 12 2020



Being a Tamiya kit, there's little to say about the Fw190. It's a classic straightforward, well-conceived kit. Pilot figure's a bit duff though and the decals are too thick - otherwise, great kit.

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Main point of this little project however is the base. Recently, I've been trying to use up various modelling bits and pieces I've had laying around for years. One such group is the junk in my spares box. The idea of doing something sculptural with these myriad parts is not entirely original I dare say but here is the result when I finally got round to it.

The base began as an IKEA picture frame with the hardboard backing superglued to the front of the frame - which makes a good basic base. 

Various aircraft bits were then stuck in place around the side of the frame, everything brush-painted matt black, then later drybrushed silver. This makes a nice chunky, tactile object d'art (or so I reckon).

I carried the idea further using picture frames in a conventional way mixing aircraft and afv parts. Then I tried the same idea on an old aircraft display stand.

Well, it amused me . . .

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry