1/72 KP FVA 10b Rheinland (Šídlo)

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Aug 18 2020



Here is my FVA-10b Rheinland from KP in 1/72. The glider was developed by the Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen (FVA; Flight Research Association Aachen) in Germany as a high performance glider. Maiden flight was in 1937, wingspan was 16 m.  29 of those gliders were produced and also flown outside Germany. 

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KP offers the kit (from 2019) of the FVA-10b in 2 versions (with German and Czech registrations). I chose the Czech paint scheme (#KPM0154), because I like the yellow painting and the blue nose. 

It´s a nice kit with very accurate details on the surface. I added some levers inside the cockpit, the venturi tube and the linkages on the tailplane. The model was painted with brush and enamels from Revell. It was built within a few days. 

I´m happy to have this elegant looking glider in my collection. 

Greetings from Germany 

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt