1/72 Hobbyboss T6 Texan & Academy Vehicles

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Aug 24 2020



The Easy Assembly Texan pretty much lives up to its label. Decals are a problem though. The large yellow wing stripes are not included. And the cowling checkers are provided but only as one solid item - and there is no way they will go round the cowling curves even with decal softener I should think - I cut the front strip off and into individual squares and then applied them slowly and very carefully and just about got a decent result.

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Vehicles are all Academy and generally very nice. Can't think why more aircraft modellers don't use them.  Standing figures are old, soft Airfix, seated is an almost as old Matchbox LRDGer.

Base is economical IKEA decorated with old decals. Final photo shows something similar I did to make a "proper" picture.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry