1/48 AFV Club RF-5E

Gallery Article by Aidy Abdullah on Aug 31 2020

Malaysia National Day



1/48 RF-5E Tigereye
Malaysia was the launch customer for Northrop's RF-5E Tigereye, acquiring 2 aircraft which were given the serial numbers M29-19 and M29-20 in RMAF service. The purchase gave the Royal Malaysian Air Force a useful aerial reconnaissance platform which remained in use as late as 2017.

This is the 1/48 scale AFV Club RF-5E Tigereye, which I modelled as M29-19 seen during mid-1980s. AFV Club left the camera bay totally empty, which I just cannot accept. Details in the camera bay were scratch built to approximate what I see in reference photos. It is neither complete nor wholly accurate but it’s better than leaving the bays empty. Other additions to the kit were the metal pitot from WandD Studio and seat from Quickboost.

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The Malaysian ‘Ghost’ camo was painted using Mr Color lacquers and decals are from decal-la. Decals for the AIM-9s were taken from a Hobbyboss kit. Panel lines were given a wash of AK’s enamel wash for blue/grey camo.

Happy Merdeka 2020.

Aidy Abdullah

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