1/48 Mirage PZL-24C

Gallery Article by Tamer Ozkan on Oct 29 2020

Turkey Republic Day



I met the friends at the Mirage Hobby at the Nürnbergs Toy Fair. They told me about producing the Pzl-24 in Turkish Markings. I volunteered to take the walk around pics from existing example at the Istanbuls Aviation museum.

The next year they gave me a kit and they even mentioned my name on the instructions page. Thanks Mirage for this kit and their friendship.

The version that I tried to build is one of the C version that Kayseri factory to try the new engine.

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In 1934 the Turkish Government decided to procure 12 Dewoitine-510s in order to strengthen the interceptor units and signed an agreement with the producer. One of the planes produced was exhibited at the Paris Air Show in 1935 but the French Government embargoed the despatchment of the planes putting forward the unsettled situation in the Hatay Sandjak. This behaviour which was completely contrary to the international law caused anger and furiousity in the Turkish Government and the contract was immediately cancelled. Turkey who was in search of an alternative started investigating the Polish built P.24 together with four other Balkan countries which were namely Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Greece and with a Baltic country Estonia. In the meantime a P.24/III arrived Turkey and made demonstration flights. The performance was found acceptable and an order was placed in 1936.

The first order was covering 20 P-24As 14 of which would be produced in Poland by PZL and the remaining 6 would be assembled at KTF (Kayseri Airplane factory). These planes had had 4 underwing racks for 12.5kg bombs, four 7.9mm Colt-Browning machine guns and two 20mm Oerlikon cannons. All of these planes were supplied within 1936.

The second order covered 46 P-24Cs. 26 of these planes would be manufactured by PZL and 20 would be produced under licence by KTF. These planes were supplied within 1937. They were equipped with four 7.9mm Colt-Browning machineguns and they had two underwing rails for 50kg bombs. The P-24A and P-24C models were equipped with French made Gnome-Rhone reciprocating radial engines with an output of 900HP each.

In 1939 an additional agreement was signed for the production of two P-24Gs at the KTF facilities. These planes were equipped with two 20mm Oerlikon cannons, four 7.9mm Colt-Browning machine guns. Their engine was altered to 950HP Gnome-Rhone 14N-07.

All of the P-24s were deployed at the 21st, 41st, 42nd, & 43rd Interceptor Companiers. The planes at the 42nd & at the 43rd were transferred to Flying School in 1943. They were dropped out of service in 1943 by the arrival of Hawker Hurricanes.

The only existing example in the whole World is at the Aviation Museum at Yeşilköy-Istanbul. (

I enjoyed to build this model. I would like to thank friends at Mirage, Ozkan Turker for the drawings and reference pics, Kudret Altinkeser for the decal work. 

Tamer Ozkan

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Photos and text © by Tamer Ozkan