1/48 Kinetic Mirage IIID Nesher

Gallery Article by Rafi Ben-Shahar on Nov 19 2020



From the outset, Kinetic's Mirage IIID is an attractive theme of the classic delta winged fighter. I was excited to find that the IDF also had few aircraft of the type utilized mainly for training. As construction progressed, it appeared to be a problem free model. The problematic fit in many brands of Mirage models concerning the attachment of engine intakes, fuselage and wing roots went without a hassle.

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Decals and antennae were taken from the spares box.

Towards the end of construction, the shortfalls of the model appeared. Cockpit and ejection seats are basic. No decals representing instrument dials. So, the model would be better displayed with the canopy closed. The large canopy fits the fuselage, but.. Front landing gear is too long. On the ground the aircraft fuselage is parallel with the runway. The plastic is soft resulting with joints leaving large seams and thinly engraved panel lines. The list goes on...

I did not insert the pitot tube all the way in the radome because the model has not completed its production process.

Rafi Ben-Shahar

Photos and text by Rafi Ben-Shahar