1/72 Revell (mostly) Twin Otter

Gallery Article by Chris Parsons on Nov 25 2020 



This was originally a Matchbox kit now being circulated in a Revell box. I've attempted to build this model at least 3 times previously over the years but never finished it for various reasons.

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This time was different, I finished the model after "fixing" the windshield, the engines, the interior etc. (the list goes on and on) The wings are from an earlier Matchbox kit I stalled in building but saved, the fuselage and the rest of the kit is from a newer Revell. The newer kit has a lot more flash, sink marks and even missing panel lines. I think time may be running out for these molds. As mentioned above I made my own windshield after making a master and simply plunge molding a new windshield, this was to correct the too wide door pillars. The side windows are acetate sheet, I added two extra windows on the cabin (one each side) and removed the ice shields. a bit of weight was added forward to make it sit level and that's about it for the build. The paint is Tamiya lacquers and acrylics with a few kit decals.

Thanks for looking.

Chris Parsons

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Photos and text by Chris Parsons