1/72 Italeri T-45C Goshawk

Gallery Article by Andri Sanjaya on Nov 27 2020



Hi fellow modelers, this time I want share some photos and experience about T-45C Goshawk 1/72 (Item Number: 173) from Italeri. 

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This kit is so old, Italeri had released (initially) it in 1989, l'm feeling sure if will emerging many imperfection especially Italeri version is T-45 not T-45C. There are many differences between Italeri T-45 with T-45C, a few that I can get it are:

  • 1. T-45C have glass cockpit, 

  • 2. TACAN and Marker Beacon antenna below the forward fuselage, 

  • 3. Ventral Fin in front of arrestor hook’s bulge, 

  • 4. TACAN and IFF antenna in rear fuselage, 

  • 5. Altimeter Radar Antenna below of rear fuselage and 

  • 6. Wingtip with square shape include navigation lights. 

The glass cockpit, I replicate it with erasing some raised gauge details and replace them with small plastic card and detailed them with MFD decal from Hasegawa F/A-18F 1:72 and for couples of HUD I take it from Hasegawa Super Hornet too, not look same with the real one but look perfect on my eyes.  Another details are made from Tamiya PlaPlate 0.5 mm and some stretched plastic sprue. 

The decal look got yellowed because is old kit and look wrong scale, so I choose to remake some new decal and stencil with Ink Jet Printer.

Later my friend told me if T-45C has bigger tail fin and different slat and leading edge shape, the info is too late come to me but it doesn’t make big deal for me, so I ignored this info at this time and in the end, I hope you like it. Enjoy! 

Stay healthy fellas and stay away from #covid19

Thanks Steve...

Andri Sanjaya

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Photos and text © by Andri Sanjaya