Vickers Wellesley, Belgian 3rd Air Regiment

Gallery Article by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat on Jan 4 2021

Silly Week 2021



In the summer of 1939 the Belgian government was concerned that it's military air component was lacking in heavy bombers, but few were available. Britain offered some Vickers Wellesley aircraft, and six were taken on strength before the outbreak of war. When it became obvious that even more modern designs such as the Fairey Battle were unable to compete with German aircraft, they were taken from front-line units and used in the training role. The 3rd Air Regiment operated all of the aircraft, and painted their engine cowlings in a colourful red to offset the drab camouflage colours. As the country was overwhelmed they returned to Britain to serve out the rest of the war in various roles.

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This is the Matchbox model, built straight out of the box. National markings came from the Airfix Fairey Battle.

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Dave Bailey

Photos and text by Dave Bailey