1/72 Hasegawa Ki-84 Hayate 'Frank'

Gallery Article by Bob TheDoc on Jan 12 2021



The Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Allied code name 'Frank') was one of Japan's finest fighters of WW II. It was fast, highly manoeuvrable and well-armed so it was a match for all Allied fighters it faced. It also had the high-altitude performance required to intercept B-29 bombers. Designed in 1942, it entered service in April 1943 but late war shortages of fuel, skilled pilots and technicians etc meant that it never realised its full potential. Over 3500 were built.

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The Hasegawa 1:72 kit is a one of their last raised line models and has a combination of raised and recessed panel lines, mostly raised. Typical of Hasegawa, the cockpit is pretty bland but since the kit has only a one-piece closed canopy, it's adequate. The sprues are flash-free, and the construction is simple, conventional and poses no problems.

The kit is built OOB and painted in one of the box schemes, the same as the box art. Paints used were Vallejo acrylics, weathered with an oil wash and pastels.

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Photos and text by Bob TheDoc