1/72 Italeri F-5E Tiger

Gallery Article by Peter Buchholz


Agressor old "Blue" scheme

Unfortunately the still up-to-date kit of the F-5E in 1/72 from Italeri comes with positive panel lines. But if you are not afraid of re-engraving the kit, you could add a nice model to your collection.


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Besides the re-engraving I also made some improvements in the cockpit area, to the canopy and the landing gear. I also used modified AIM-9 “Sidewinder” missiles from a different kit.

The most interesting part is to choose a paint scheme because this aircraft was (and still is) wearing a variety of different coats. I decided to go for the old Aggressor “Blue” scheme and used paints from Model Master and Humbrol to seal the model.

Masking the model is work intensive. Approx. 1 hour for the actual masking and 10 minutes to airbrush. I had to repeat these steps twice.

But it was worth it. The end result is a very nice F-5E (74-01543) of 57th TFTW, Nellis AFB in Nevada, which is a welcome addition to my collection.

You can find more models from me and my cub colleagues on our web site at http://www.ffmc.de

Peter Buchholz

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Photos and text © by Peter Buchholz