1/35 Dragon MH-6J & AH-6J

“Night Stalkers” 160th SOAR

Gallery Article by Scott Windjack


The Kit 
They are Dragon 1/35 scale AH-6J Night Stalkers Attack Helicopters. The one kit I made OOB, but the second one I used the Cobra Co. MH-6J Conversion set. Recently with the release of the movie “Black Hawk Down”, and the many post on the ARC Discussion board.. I figured I would get this one to Steve Sooner rather than latter.. I hope that it helps those looking to build a Little Bird in the future. 


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Real photo of MH-6J

Both of the kits I built we a real joy to build. I had no real trouble or anything that would make me regret the time spent on each. It took about 2 days on and off to complete one.. and the MH-6J taking just a bit longer but just took a little more time to clean and construct the resin set. It overall is a GREAT buy.. and If you want to add that “odd” aircraft to your collection I would say get the Cobra Co. set and make yourself a MH-6J! With all the “IR” sensors and “FLIR” pod, and seats this really looks great!  

Painting was just about the easiest thing.. They are Flat black. BUT… I did something a little different to help with the weathering.. I used Testors MM new paint “Aircraft Interior Black”. This black has a gray hue to it and looks more like a faded black. “Perfect!” J In fact the interior is also flat black.. 
Very easy…..  

Decal & Weathering
This is real easy.. there are some with numbers on the nose and tail.. Then some with “United States Army” in dark green down the tail boom.. but some with out.. you cant go wrong.. Weathering was done with black artist oils to work along the panel lines, for wear.

For those who are fans of the Special Ops Helicopters, then you MUST get yourself these kits to add to your collection!   

PS I have just received my MH-60L Conversion set from Cobra Co. and will now be making my 1/35 HH-60 into the MH-60 from the 160th SOAR. So far it is just as good as the Little Bird set!  

Scott Windjack

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Real photo of MH-6J Real photo of MH-6J



Photos and text © by Scott Windjack