1/72 Heller DC-6

Gallery Article by Patrick Hawkey


The DC-6 is a pretty stock Heller kit.  The markings are anything but. 


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Years ago (as I understand it) a decal company called Atlantic did a 72nd scale sheet for a Pan American Grace (Panagra) DC-6.  A query on the internet got me a scan of this sheet from a generous individual.  I printed it out on paper and enlarged it beyond 72nd scale.  I then traced and inked on vellum all the lettering giving me sharply defined masters.  (I wasn't concerned with the stripes as I planned to mask/paint and/or decal all that.) These I scanned and shrunk to 72nd scale and printed with my cheap ink-jet computer on to Micro-Mark clear decal film.  My cheap printer gave me weak renditions, but at least I had a guide.  Over that guide I hand painted all the letters and the Panagra logo.  Tedious?  You bet.  While I can claim the lettering is all hand painted, it was much like a paint-by-numbers job.  The images were all there to start with. 

While I wouldn't want to do it again, the gentleman who commissioned this one now wants a Panagra DC-7C.  Stand by for that adventure. 

Patrick Hawkey


Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey