1/48 Monogram F-102

Gallery Article by Patrick Hawkey


This one appears on the cover of the new FineScale Modeler.  It's Monogram's kit, of course.  It was commissioned by a guy that spent four months at Portland International Airport in the early 1960s while waiting for a slot to open in an F-100 unit.  The young Lieutenant befriended the squadron commander of the 460th FIS based there, and spent a lot of time hanging out with those guys and taking pictures of their airplanes.  


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For years after his service days he wanted a good 48th F-102 in 460th markings.  He went to some expense to have a dry transfer outfit create multiple copies of the tiger badge for the tail.  With those supplied by him, I finished this exactly two years ago -- way before Superscale brought us their rendition.  Except for rescribing it, and a Black Box interior (not worth the bother in my opinion) it's stock Monogram.

The guy that commissioned me to build him a 460th FIS F-102 went to a dry transfer company in 1997 with photos he took of those airplanes and had them create a 48th scale image of the tail badge.  It was done as a five color, five layer thing that you had to lay down one color at a time on clear decal film.  A bit of work, but the final result looked great.  Don't know what the guy paid for these things, but I know it was a lot.
His product and what I had to work with is on the left, the recent Superscale rendition is on the right.  For what it's worth.

Also attached above are a couple of tail shots taken by my client when he was assigned to a unit at Portland IAP when the Daggers were flying out of there.

Patrick Hawkey

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Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey