1/32 Revell Tornado GR1A

Gallery Article by Bill Clark

View taken by sister ship overflying Laarbruch!!


1/32 Revell Tornado converted to a GR1A

This is a cracking kit, trouble is where to store it when built!! I just retrieved mine from the loft - after being boxed up for well over a year! Not too much damage to fix (in readiness for the round of model shows this year!), Canopy collapsed (hence the white plastic rod propping it open in the pics!) and a lost pitot tube - in the process of being fixed!!)


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Cockpit view. Paragon Seats, Aires Ladder

Close up of nose

General view of nose (with canopy removed for clarity!)

Rear3/4 view, Flaps are from Paragon

I've had a long fascination with reconnaissance aircraft so I converted my GR1 to a GR1A. Simple enough to do; delete cannons, add side facing camera ports, add linescan pod under nose....

ReHeat crew posing!!

The GR1A depicted is ZA371/"C" of RAF No II (those are roman numerals by the way i.e. as in "2 Sqn"  NOT 11!!) Squadron, as she appeared in mid - 1991 after the Gulf War and by now based back at Laarbruch in Germany. Decals came from all over the place -note the 24 "Palm Trees" mission markings on the nose!!

I also treated myself to Paragon's Slats and Flaps -  Aires detail set and ReHeat pilots -okay I'm no figure painter but they add a bit of scale!!

Hope you enjoy looking at the photo's....

Bill Clark

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Compartment & bay was scratchbuilt .  Side Camera ports are Super Glue sanded and polished!!!



Photos and text by Bill Clark