1/72 Hasegawa Tornado GR.4

Gallery Article by Shaun Bowman-Davies


Background history,
The PanaviaTornadoentered Royal Air Force servicein 1982. The aircraft was used as a long range low level interdiction and strike platform, a role for which, it was regarded as one of the finest attack aircraft is the world.

The aircraft has excellent performance at low level, and has the ability to strike in all weathers, with the help of an automatic Terrain Following Radar and anadvanced Inertial Navigation System. The RAFdeveloped a reconance versions of theTornado GR1 to replace the Jagaur GR1, this entering service in 1988.These aircraftdiffered from thestrike versionby having their cannons removed and replaced with an internal reconance system fit, the aircraft still retained allthe otherattack systems. The Tornado GR1A saw action in the 1991 Gulf war, and was useto hunt Scud missiles with its Infra-red reconance system. This war found the aircraft lacking in some aspects and the RAF put the aircraft thoughta Mid Life Update,emerging as the Tornado GR4.

The main external difference to the aircraft after the update,is the addition of a forward looking infra-redfairing under the port fuselage near the front undercarriage bay and the deletion of one of the internal cannon.


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The Model.
I wanted to model a Tornado GR4A, but there is no kit, yet released of this version.

I started with the Hasegawa Tornado GR1 kit (no K28),some people say the Revell kit is better, but I had this kit instock so that's whatI used.

Many years ago I purchased a PP Aeroparts Gulf war Tornado GR1 detail set,and thatincluded conversion parts to build a TornadoGR1A reconanace version.

The Hasegawa Tornado kithas a wrongly shaped nose cone and the PP Aeropart set provided a new one, soI cut of the kit one and fitted a new nose.

The PP Aeropart detail set also had the underfuselage IRLS blister and the SLIR side windows for the reconance version.

The kit went to together fine with no real problems. I filled in the cannon ports and made a FLIR pod out of plastic card (sanded to shape) to go under the nose.  The model was painted with Xtracolour paints in the current low vis gray scheme, the decals came from Xtradecals.  The model is marked as ZA339, "Uniform" of 13 Squadron, RAF Marham.  The model was weathered with pastel washes and was finished with a coat of flat varnish. 

Hope you enjoy,

Shaun Bowman-Davies

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Photos and text by Shaun Bowman-Davies