1/48 Monogram F-100D

Gallery Article by Patrick Hawkey


This is Monogram's kit with Black Box interior.  The napalm tanks came from a pair of Monogram A-10s.  The kit drop tanks were lengthened to represent the 335 gallon jobs that were used as the Viet Nam war progressed.  


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The markings are of the 522nd TFS that flew out of Da Nang August to November 1964.  Squadron markings come from the C & H two F-100F conversion kit.  I sprinkled various stencil markings from a Pro-Modeler F-86D sheet.  I'm told the airplanes arrived in Viet Nam wearing buzz numbers, but were removed as time allowed.

The silver finish reflects the silver laquer paint jobs natural metal TAC airplanes recieved before everything was covered with green, green and tan.  I mixed some light gray into Model Master Chrome Silver to seriously dull it.  The burnt aft end is the Chrome Silver darkened a couple times with gloss dark brown.  The distinctive vertical bands were  airbrushed with very thinned dark brown then further darkening where needed with dark blue.  For those interested in hardware I use a Paasche H single action.  Nothing fancy at all.

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Patrick Hawkey


Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey