1/72 'Eagles Talon' M2-F2

and 1/72 'Mach 2' X-24A and X-24B

"Lifting Bodies"

Gallery Article by Patrick Hawkey


Here's a unique little project.  An unlikely 72nd scale formation of an M2-F2, X-24A and X-24B.  The X-24s are the Mach 2 kits while the M2-F2 is an Eagles Talon vacuform.  The gentleman that commissioned this display sent me the Eagles Talon X-24s as well and it was pretty obvious to me the Mach 2 kits were based directly on them. 


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Sending the vacs was a good move as their decal sheets were much superior to the Mach 2 rendition.

The base/stand was my own design and getting the three lifting bodies in the exact tight formation I wanted was a bit trickier that I thought it would be.

The original plan was to have clear canopies and pilot figures in the aircraft, but the general fit of all three models was so bad that I ended up seeking the path of least resistance, and just blacked the clear areas out.  You get the idea.

Patrick Hawkey

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Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey