1/48 Monogram F-5E

Gallery Article by CL Kwek on Aug 9 2003

  Singapore National Day 


F-5E in RSAF Experimental Colors

This model represents a 149 (Shirka) Squadron F-5E that operated from Tengah Airbase in the late 80’s. The F-5E was Singapore’s first dedicated interceptor and it first operated from the island republic in 1979.  Originally delivered in a three-tone grey camouflage scheme, some aircraft were painted in an experimental two green/tan and other schemes for a while.

This model is the Monogram kit.  The raised lines were sanded off and rescribed.  The model was painted using Gunze lacquer paint.  The data stencils and markings came from a Siam Scale decal sheet.  I elected to model airframe 803 in lo-visibility Ying-yang insignia that had the name of a fellow modeler on the canopy frame.  


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Photo 3

Photo 3 is an in-progress shot of the model.  The refueling probe was made from copper tubing with the kit probe end super-glued to the tip.

A picture of this particular bird can be found at Airliners.net with a usual configuration of a TER on the center-line pylon with two fuel tanks carried under the wings.

CL Kwek

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