1/133 Monogram Super G Constellation

Gallery Article by Dmitriy Shapiro on Aug 13 2003


TWALockheed Super G Constellation

I found this interesting model, oddly enough, at a Longs Drugs store near my house. I didn't expect to find models at a pharmacy. I was looking around and found this Constellation among the shelves of other models. This kit was a Monogram Classic and was built in 1956. It came with a refueling car, passenger loading ramps, and 2 stewardesses. 


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The quality of the plastic was very good for an old kit. The parts fit together very well, but there had to be a lot of weight put in the nose to keep it from falling back. There was a lot of filler needed on the assembly of the engines, so that took a lot of time. The propellers spin very well. Putting on the decals was very easy, except on the left side, where I had to cut the lines into pieces to make way for the holes in the door. After putting on the decals, I applied some SolvaSent to keep the decals on.

This kit was very good quality and if you find it somewhere, I suggest you buy it.

Dmitriy Shapiro


Photos and text by Dmitriy Shapiro