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1/48 Hasegawa A6M3 Zero Type22

by Yufei Mao


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I'm a modeler from Shanghai China and it's nice to meet you.  Here's some details about my model.  The original 1/48 Hasegawa kit (#09407) offers several painting plans of IJN-green which served in Rabaul.  But as I'd like to make a more impressing and representative Type 22, I chose to convert it into the ZERO flown by  the famous IJN ace, Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, in Rabaul in 1943.

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As almost all of the decals are useless for the painting plan, I painted "UI-" and all the "Hinomaru" except the number "105".  I added brake lines by nylon fishing line and painted the body with Mitsubishi IJN-grey(Mr.Color #35).  As for the green, I asked many friends that what kind of it was used on the plane for the emergency camouflage, the answer leaded to be FS34092(Mr.Color #302).

The kit is very well detailed and I didn't pay more time to up-grade it.  As the plane was used in Rabaul which should be a quite nasty environment, I weathered it roughly.  After all that, I washed it with brown oil colors thinned with Zippo oil. You're welcome to communicate with me and my e-mail address is


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Photos and text by Yufei Mao

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