1/72 Airfix PBY5-A Catalina

by Marcius Cesar Costa



Catalina in service in the FAB

In 1943 under a "Lend-Lease" agreement the first Catalina was delivered to Brazil  for use by the BAF . They were 7 units using the PBY-5 version, which had been based on Florianópolis (one), Belém (three) and Galeão (three). 


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Another 15 PBY-5A were delivered in 1944, which initially had been based on Galeão. During 1944, Group of Patrol was created 1º, with headquarters in Belém, and 2º Group of Patrol, headquartered in Galeão, both equipped with the Catalina. With the end of the war, PBY-5 and PBY-5A had had new names in the FAB, respectively, as P-10 and PA-10BY-5 ' 2 ', hosted in Galeão, sank the German submarine U-199.

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Photos and text © by Marcius Cesar Costa