1/48 Hasegawa F-104G 

conversion Dutch TF-104G

by Henk Rodermond



Still there is not a 1/48 TF-104G on the market. So what left to convert a F-104G to a TF-104G with a conversion kit.

And I found a good one from Italian Kits in Italy via internet and ordered it. Fitting was a good the only thing I renewed was the canopy this was not what I wanted.

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I decided to build a TF-104G of the Dutch Airforce (Klu) in the early 1963 colours light grey later on they where dark grey with green. (see my previous F-104G’s on ARC)

Decals came from Dutch Decals and I choose the early F-104G training squadron “The Dutch Masters”.


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Photos and text © by Henk Rodermond