1/48 Monogram TF-102

using C & H resin conversion

by Patrick Hawkey



The basis of this model is the Monogram kit and the C & H conversion.  For reasons one can only speculate about, the resin front end is an inch too long, with the error spread throughout.  Bad enough, except it also effects the shape of the windscreen.

To correct the length problem I removed a 3/4 in section and reshaped the the tip of the nose, removing another 1/4 in. in the process.  I used a straightedge to ensure good alignment reattaching the front end.

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I had to make a new canopy to fit the modified nose.  ON the right is my rendition of the clamshell piece, on the left the C & H piece.  The real airplane had no raised framing, but significant internal frames.  What showed across the top and around the edges was a fibreglass seal INSIDE the canopy.  The vortex generators were individually bent bits of lead foil.

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The 460th tail badge was a dry transfer supplied by the gentleman that commissioned the model.  

Eagle Strike has since done the 460th markings (48-140)...though their tiger badge lacks whiskers.


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56-2352 as she appears today

Photos and text by Patrick Hawkey