1/48 Hasegawa Hayate, 'Frank'

by Andrew Holloway (kaysersoze)



This is a 'cut away' version of the standard 1/48 Hasegawa Hayate kit. I used CA glue for the seams and as a sanding compound, so I washed the sprues with future/klear before assembly to prevent hazing.
The kit was built over a period of nearly 2 months, not that it took that long to build, just that after I had made the fuselage framework from the photo-etch the kit comes with, I was scared to death of it and put it all away! When I finally got the courage to restart it, it only took a couple of days to go from off the sprues, to the final touches for painting.
The kit is built OOB, except for the big yellow oxygen tank, that was a bomb from a P-47 kit leftover....     The kits decals were used, and I used a mixture of Humbrol and Revell enamels for the colour scheme. After that had dried, on went the decals and a couple of coats of future/klear later, job done.

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I did make some mistakes on this kit, but those are known only to me and my cat!
I have to say that this is up there with my favourite aircraft, as it looks every inch the fighter that it was designed to be.


Photos and text by Andrew Holloway