1/48 Tamiya Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate

by Polly Singh



This is my attempt at the , as stated by Tamiya “best one of all Japanese fighters appeared in the pacific war”  It was a great build, as expected of Tamiya, but I went the extra bit to weather the paint as seen in the pics in the Osprey series. 

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I hand painted the unit colours on the fin of the 3 Chutai, 11 air fleet at Phillipines in 1944, otherwise its OOB.  I initially sprayed silver where I wanted to show weathering and then the JAAF green.  Once almost dry, I stripped the green off with tape and then sprayed thinner to remove the green and merge the borders with the silver to simulate sun and rain effects.  Some random scratching with the back end of the knife and a touch of pastels finished the job.


Photos and text © by Polly Singh