1/72 Planet Models Siai Marchetti S211

by Leslie Choy

  Singapore National Day 2004 



When RSAF ( Republic of Singapore Airforce) was looking into replacing the fleet of BAC Strikemaster for pilot training. The SM S211 was selected and started to operations in 1984. Is still operating in Perth, Australia.

The model: 
The only S211 kit available at the time was Planet models offering in 1/72 scale. As I prefer it to be in 1/48, I decided to scratch build it. I ordered the Planet models S211 and scale up all the parts.

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Using contour gauge, I made section drawings along the fuselage and scale up to 1/48. I cement the sections together using plastic sheets of 0.5mm. Plenty of sanding and owning a motor tool helps a lot. Creating the main undercarriage wells was a nightmare.  

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The wings and tail sections were made using the method. All panel lines was made before assembly of main parts.

The cockpit instruments was pretty much bare as very little reference available.  The canopy was formed over a mould made out of  balsa wood smoothen out with putty and Mr. Surfacer 500.

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To look a bit different from the kit model, I made landing lights and cut out the speed brakes. Undercarriages were made out of K&S brass rods and tubes soldered together. Main doors was also cut and form into shape using also K&S 44 gauge brass sheets. Not all items were scratch build. Ejection seats are from Italeri 1/48 Tornado modified to Mk 11 seats, I removed some parts of the seat and add in canopy piercer "horns". The tires are from 1/72 Italeri F5E with some changes on the rim.

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The entire model was sprayed with numerous coats of Gunze Surfacer with sanding to get a smooth surface.  The model colours Gunze white (1) & orange (59) was used and glossed with Future.  Decals are from various leftovers from previous projects.


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Photos and text by  Leslie Choy