1/72 Heller F-5E 

Chilean Agressor

by Antonio Segovia Renterķa



This model depicts an F-5E Tiger II, that was given special red markings with  waterpaints over the wing and tail, used during exercises in 1988, it was used in a aggressor role. The aircraft are wearing the tiger marking on the tail painted in all of this kind of warplanes in 7th. Group (Grupo 7) on Chilean Air Force (Fuerza Aerea de Chile) based on Cerro Moreno air base in desert.

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The kit is from Heller, and has very good details for the pilot seat, but few details on the cockpit, its necessary to put a lot of  putty especially on the nose parts. The front part of the tail it was made with plastic and merged with putty. This aircraft have the shark antenna just back to the cockpit, and 2 small down to the nose part.

The model is painted in Humbrol 127 and 128 with 2 grey tones, and red is Humbrol 174. The  decals are standard used on this aircraft at finally of 80’s, produced in Chile. The pilots are ESCI and the GPU its scratch made with wood and aircraft wells.

The model is using just one AIM-9 Sidewinder inert (blue) on the left wing, like the real, and normally flying with a fuel tank on the centerline. The runway is similar to the one used on this plane's home base in Chile.


Photos and text © by Antonio Segovia Renterķa