1/32  Revell Tornado

by Ion Tesu


  Romania National Day 2004 


I added several detailing sets available at the moment. As Paragon “stuff” is hard to find (although it shows up from time to time on Ebay), I used the CAM Detail Set including cockpit details (seats, Electronics Bays, etc.), the Eduard Detail Set for cockpit and airframe and the Flightpath Detail Set (cockpit details, seat belts, Multifunctional Displays, access  ladder, detailed overlays of the tops of the intakes, refuel probe, wing seals, jet pipes, air brakes, front undercarriage, Flightpath AIM-9 Sidewinders). As for decals, I used the sets from XTRADECAL and Tigerwings decals. Various stencils were “borrowed” from a 72nd scale F-8 Data from Microscale Decal.

I added some wiring especially on the landing gear and in the airbrake wells. The finished model turned out to be quite heavy. I was thankful for the metal strut of the front gear (in the Flightpath set). As the main landing gear was plastic, the plastic rods supporting the metal wheals almost broke. I had to use the “paper clip” trick to strengthen it.

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The painting scheme chosen was the Kriegsmarine one. I added a drop of blue paint to the white one. Initially the paint had a bluish hue, but it went away nicely after weathering with Raw Umber diluted with lacquer thinner.

Special thanks go to Ted Taylor who, in his ARC article on Tornado, described in detail how to thin down the back of the electronics bays such that the cockpit fits nicely. On and off, it took almost a year to complete the project. It was fun all along. Regarding references about the subject, I used the internet (ARC has a lot of good pictures), as well as the “Lock On No. 12 Panavia Tornado IDS” book.

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Enjoy the pictures.


IPMS Austin, TX  (originally from Romania) 

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Photos and text © by Ion Tesu, Marius Goldenberg & Jeff Whaley