1/48 Revell F-5E

by Colin Whitehouse


  Thailand National Day 2004 


When I arrived in Thailand I had problems to find paint etc I usually use, so knocked this one out as trial for the locally available paints materials. As such the paints are from Mr Colour and the decals are locally produced by Siam Scale. I have to say I was impressed with both. The Mr Colour goes down very evenly and dries quickly to a smooth even coat. The whole scheme was painted in 1 night with no masking. Decals went down straight onto the paint and left no silvering. A coat of Imported Future was used to seal the decals however and Alclad II used for the exhaust areas. I can recommend the Siam Scale decals as an option for the Classic Airframe kit as the sheet contains markings for 5 different aircraft.

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The Royal Thai Air force purchased 12 F-5E's as surplus form the USAF and operate these From Korat in the North East. One machine resides in the Royal Thai Air Force Museum at Bangkok Airport next to an earlier F-5A. I'm not sure why one is in the Museum while the rest are in service but there you are.


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Photos and text by Colin Whitehouse