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1/72 Academy A-37B

Guatemalan Air Force

by Marlon Guevara


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I promised first to make a Chilean F-16, but by reasons for the heart I inclined to make this novel project to me.

F-16 I will leave it for later, along with mirage 50 panther.

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The A-37B is very  wanted in Guatemala, being the point of the spear against the fight antiguerrilla by many years, along with other airplanes, but these dragonflies took the honor palms.

Academy kit is very good, needing few changes to make FAG version, like shift of position of antennas.  This "Alfa" looks the last pattern of camouflage used by the FAG for the A-37B, does not take armament since its military use stopped.

I used the FS Gunship Gray (mixed with Flat White) and Olive Drab for camouflage.The lights I painted them with red and green indelible markers.The fuel tanks were painted with Olive Drab and Dark Green.

Decals: Coin Warriors from Aztec decals.  Very good and impressive decals.

I want  to say thanks of special way to Edvin Rodriguez and agmp ESCALA(Guatemala), by the invaluable aid offered in the elaboration of this project. 

Thank you very much Edvin by  the real pics, aztec decals and true data about the "Alfas"!

Please visit: ,we have contest in February of the 2005 and will be placed in receiving all of you, here in Trujillo,Peru.

I dedicate this work to Claudia Z, the beautiful Guatemalan girl who offered me the honor to love her.

ĄPor los bellos momentos vividos!


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Photos and text © by Marlon Guevara

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