1/72 Revell Tornado GR1

by Pete Morgan



The kit is the Revell 1/72 Tornado GR1. It is converted to the GR4 configuration by adding the left hand FLIR fairing. Never throw away the resin blocks you cut off!!. They make a good FLIR fairing. The missile launchers were modified to look like the BOL304 launcher/chaff dispenser carried by OP Telic aircraft. 

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The ECM, BOZ and T.I.A.L.D pod are resin from the Airwaves range. The two Paveway II bombs are kit items modified to Enhanced Paveway II configuration .The ladder is from a company called PP Aeroparts, sadly now no longer trading…shame. The decals are from Model Alliance. Overall the Revell kit is excellent. It goes together well and the quality of the kit and the choice weapons is superb. 


Photos and text © by Pete Morgan