1/72 Airfix MRCA Panavia Tornado 

(2nd Prototype)

by Halo



Introducing XX946, Built by Panavia, a four nations company, BAC, MBB, Fiat, and Fokker-VFW, this plane made its first flight from Warton Airfield on 30th of October 1974. The kit was acquired in the year 1991, so it’s an old kit with raised panels, to make it more realistic, each lines were scribed using dyno tape and pointed tools.  Seatbelts were done using aluminum foil. Old decal cracked when soaked and placed, so I had to paint the splintered part. I love the challenges I encountered and experienced.

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Thanks to all my friends from IPMS-P-BAC, www.ipmsphilippines.com proud to be a member of this group. Hope you enjoy viewing the model… be BLESS! 


Photos and text © by Lesley Javier