1/48 Italeri CF-5A

by J.R. Lalancette



This is my Cf-116 (more commonly known as the CF-5) in 1/48th scale. This model is made from the Italeri F-5a kit and it is the first kit I've completed since I was a kid. I've always wanted to build one for my father Bob Lalancette "Callsign Saguenay 76", who used to fly the CF-5 with 433 Sqn out of Bagotville, Qc.  This particular CF-5, "736" - was the first CF-5 my father flew solo with the Squadron in the early 80's (I verified using his LogBook).  The kit itself was a bit shady -  few cockpit details (pilot figure HAS to be used), hardly any exterior detail. Probably an old tooling kit. Fit was alright though. I used the Leading Edge decals for camouflaged CF-5 and they worked out great. Since it was my first kit in 11 years, I didn't want to buy the classic airframes F-5A because I wanted to practice a bit first before spending the big bucks. This kit was hand painted with brushes using Model Master Enamels (RAF Ocean Grey and Dark Green). Just a few hints for anyone wanting to make a 433 Sqn CF-5 - Verify that your tail number matches an CF-5A not a CF-5D or one of those weird CF-5's with a recon nose (there were a few) and paint the pilot's helmet orange - oh and use the classic airframes kit. 

Hope you enjoyed the build. 


Photos and text by J.R. Lalancette