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1/48 Academy F-86 and

 1/48 Monogram Mig-15

by Konley Kelley


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I've added another image to my "Aces in 1:48 Scale" collection. In this image, Capt. Joseph McConnell, flying a F-86F Sabre is shredding the tail of a Chinese pilot in Mig Alley. The Sabre is a 1:48 scale Academy kit with markings for Capt. McConnell, the top U.S. ace in the Korean War. The Mig-15 is an old 1:48 Monogram kit.

The ground was generated using a 3D software package called Vista Pro. The dry, rugged terrain of Korea is actually a 3D demographic map of mountains in Aspen, CO!!!

This was a fun project and the Academy kit is really good with a lot of extras. It was fun to build.

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Photos and text by Konley Kelley

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