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1/32 Revell Royal Air Force Puma HC 1

by Thomas Neuss


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I  want to show you another helicopter model in the “big scale”.

This time it is a Royal Air Force Puma HC 1 as in use with the KFOR-Troops in former Yugoslavia.

The kit is a Revell Germany Puma “Bundesgrenzschutz” (German Border Police)  and was modified to represent the British version of this type.

I also wanted to show my Puma in the modern version I had to scratch-build some parts like chaff-/flare-dipensers, the “disco light”, machine gun mounts and a lot of detailing, because the kit is lacking a lot of details. So I added a lot of details to the rotor head and the whole hull for the antennas and parts of the missile warning system, search lights and so on.

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As usual I took styrene sheet and plastic rod and strips and wire in different sizes to make most of the detailing. The parts of the chaff-dispensers and the disco light I made using resin after modeling a master form.

The cockpit was also modified, adding some details and opening the door for a better view inside. And this is one of the mistakes I made: the modern RAF Pumas don`t have doors to open in the cockpit. They can be removed for maintenance, but only the older Pumas have those doors and the crew has to enter the cockpit via the main cabin.

The Bergan backpacks, ammo boxes and weapons are from Tamiya and Accurate Armour sets.


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Photos and text © by Thomas Neuss

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