1/72 Italeri ACH-47A Chinook

" GUNS A-GO-GO " is coming

by Andrzej Rusek (dzejo)



Here is my ACH-47A Gunship Chinook , from “GUNS A-GO-GO” Unit , 1st AV.DET.2/20 ARA , Vietnam 1967 .

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I found much information about this beautiful heli on http://gunsagogo.org/, this site was very helpful for me during the loooong ( it took me 4 years) building process on this Chinook.


The model is the 1/72 Italeri kit and in my opinion it is very good.

In comparison with the website, I have found some small mistakes, especially in decals placing :

  • “Easy money” decal should be on opposite side than Italeri instructions show  (all photos I found about this Chinook has it on left side, looking from front of heli)

  • all exploitations sings should be in this version in black color (in instruction black are predicted for second version, for this are yellow)

I also cut aerials, which were too long and joined them with a very thin string

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The model was painted with Model Masters traditional US olive drab and then I covered it Sidolux (Polish equivalent of Future ), decals and Humbrol matt cote.  This is the  first time I did a delicate preshading and wash and I also tested dry brushing and Mr Mark Setter for decals.

I am very happy with the results and I hope you like it too. 


Andrzej  (dzejo)

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Photos and text © by Andrzej Rusek  (dzejo)