1/48 Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-84 I Hayate

by Stef Shoki Wrobel



This is the Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 I Hayate (Gale) code name “Frank”. This aircraft is known as the best fighter built by the Japanese industry during WW2. The aircraft depicted is from the 520th Temporary Intercept Group, a special combat unit built from training units from the 1st Reisen Hikotai, based at Nakatsu airfield, north of Tokyo . The unit was intended to use the new Ki-84 II. The model depicts the aircraft of Lt Kurai Toshizo, who shot down 5 to 6 B-29 Superfortress, finally lost in a ramming attack.

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The model was mostly built out of the box. I wanted first to add a FM resin cockpit but finally only get the photo-etched seat from this set. I know it’s quite expensive for one seat but the rest will be use sooner or later and I can’t see the great addition of this set on the contrary with their nice Ki-44 or N1K2-J cockpit. I’ve also added the photo-etched seat belts. The engine get wiring with fine tin wires. Landing gears get their brake lines with also tin wires of various diameters.

The model was painted with Alclad II for metallic tints and Gunze acrylics for camouflage and fabric covered surfaces. I used various Alclad II paints but mostly duralumin and white aluminium. For the camouflage, hand free painted, I used IJA green and IJA grey colors. The cockpit was painted with a technique I get on the internet (I can’t recall where). It was painted first with Alcald white aluminium then with a coat of a mix of green and blue from Gunze acrylic translucid paints. Details were hand painted with Gunze acrylic paints. The rear decking was certainly painted mat black or camouflage color when the aircraft was painted in factory. Mine wasn’t so I choose black for the decking. I’m not 100% sure of the scheme as I couldn’t find any picture of the aircraft in the books I have on the Hayate but I found that it was both a great challenge for my painting skills and a nice scheme changing from the well know all green or brown Ki-84.

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The decals come from an Aeromaster decal sheet, #48-463. Even if Hasegawa provides the same scheme inside its box, I preferred the Aeromaster decals there because the white is deeper and the red is a little bit more dull. I hope you like it.


Photos and text © by Stéphane Shoki Wrobel