1/72 Mini Hobby F-5E and Revell F-5B

No. 12 Sqn, TUDM Butterworth

by Aidy Abdullah


    Malaysia National Day 2005

1/72 Mini Hobby models F-5E Tiger II


This model was built using the 1/72 Mini Hobby Models F-5E. Due to the poor appearance of the landing gear, I decided to build it wheels up with a Hasegawa pilot at the controls. This brought about another problem as the kit canopy would not fit in the closed position. In my attempt to convince the part that it could, I cracked the kit canopy. A friend was kind enough to donate an Italeri kit, from which a nicer set of canopy was taken. Gunze acrylics were used throughout, the AIM-9 came from a Hasegawa F-16 and the bombs were courtesy of an Academy Bronco kit. For Color, I used gunze 308, 325 and 338 and of course, flatblack (gunze 12) for the nose.

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1/72 Revell F-5B

This is my 1/72 Revell/Esci F-5B. Won't be weathering this one much or maybe at all as they didn't see much service in the RMAF.  One crashed not long after entering service, and the other was given to Thailand.  I don't know which one was this though.


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Photos and text by Aidy Abdullah