1/72 A-model Gee-Bee

by Gabriel Stern



The type needs no introduction. The model does need a lot of work. The modeler will need aspirin. But, at the end, what a beautiful little thing.
A-model likes to wrap the pieces in the sprue in a veil of mysterious flash. The modeler, armed with the best of his/her tools, have to hope, guess, pray. But the light will finally come if one persists. Oh, behold the short run models!  Obscure subjects, arcane technology, and we, of course, can not resist. I even opened up a few panels, struggled with the interior that persisted in popping out at the least suggestion, and ignored minor and major discrepancies of any sorts. The decals were opaque, fragile, malign. The main red subjects just cover a part of the model, so the modeler has to come with a good paint color match, or look at the model in the shelf from a safe distance, which I do. Isn't it cute?


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Photos and text by Gabriel Stern