1/72 Revell Tornado's

Operation Telic 

by Tamás Skriba



After Operation Telic, I found a lot of articles with interesting pictures about the air campaign in magazines. This diorama is based on these pictures. The two Tornados (a F3 and Gr.4) are both REVELL kits. The Gr.4, I modified from an Gr.1. Both kits are well detailed. The biggest job was to finish the wings on the parking Gr.4 and on the F3. The weapons I took from an AIRFIX weapon set. I took ALARM's, LGB's and a TIALD for the Gr.4 and ASRAAM's and ECM pods for the F.3.  

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Most of the decals were made by myself but the original decals from the box where also usable. The crew is taken from an old ESCI kit. 


Photos and text © by Tamás Skriba