1/32 Hasegawa Ki-84 Hayate Frank  

by Gonzalo Vidal



The Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate was a single-seat fighter used by the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II. It was the last in Nakajima's line of classic fighters and considered one of the best-performing aircraft from any country. The Allied codename was "Frank"; the Army designation was "Type 4 Fighter". The model represents 3rd Squadron Narimasu Airfield Feb.1945 47th Flight Regiment. Excellent scale model of Hasegawa, with impressive detailing and perfect fit.

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In the first place the white strips of inomarus were painted, masking later and painting with "ija grey" the inferior part and in "olive drab" the rest. All the orange yellow strips were painted with a mixture of orange and yellow, except the tail symbols for which one of the decals was used. After a layer of "future", I came to the positioning of the decals, using an extra ration of microsol for inomarus.

After another layer of future I painted the panel lines, with oil paint "umbra natur" for the inferior part and "sepia" for the rest, mixed with turpentine spirit. Finally I soiled diverse zones with oil washes of such colors. The wearing down is not pronounced due to the short participation of these airplanes in World War II. The scratches in the fuselage, mainly in the wings, were made with brush using aluminum painting. Finally, the antenna is done with nylon thread painted in metalized and stuck carefully with cyano.

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Photos and text by Gonzalo Vidal