1/144 Revell F-5E Tiger II


by Erik Wauters



I pretty much build out of box most of the time and wanted to know if I could do some detailling myself. I thought it would be easier if I started with an 1/144 kit. Well I didn't know what I got myself into. Some guys on the ARC in-progress forum said I was crazy and that was enough for me to get my feet wet. BTW, they were right !

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The build was made possible using the Verlinden Lock On F-5E/F book, and there's quite a lot of walkaround pics on the internet too. I will not go in full detail of the build, if you are interested you might check out my website where I have over 100 in progress pics.

I had some 1/32 Twobobs decals with the popular VFC-13 aggressors and I tried to scan and resize them to 1/144. It works good for dark colors but had problems with red and yellow. The hardest part was to get the paintmask done. The twobobs instruction sheet was copied and resized and then used as a template for cutting tamiya tape. Painting and weathering was just like you would do in any other scale, just a bit more patience and concentration is needed to get a good result. 

Extra's, opened & detailed area's :

- gunbay : gun, mount, ammobox, ammobelt, empty shell retrieving space, panels
- avionics bay and panel
- canopy cut in 2 and opened, canopy opening mechanism and support, mirrors
- cockpit, seat, gunsight
- speedbrakes & inside detail
- gear wells with plumbing, extra detail on doors and brakelines
- Tail section : added tail top UHF antennae, 5 VHF antennae parts on each side, fuel jettison, brake chute housing, new exhaust cones
- ACMI pod made, captive AIM-9L Sidewinder
- cut & positioned : ailerons, slats, rudder
- aux air intakes filled (in closed position)
- Navigation lights added on side fuselage
- sharknose 
- RBF tags

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Over one year building on and off, it was nervwrecking at times, trying to keep my sanity. But you learn alot by using your imagination and planning ahead. Now it's time to move on, I want something big and easy to build, and maybe one day I'll be back for another crazy project ;-)


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Photos and text by Erik Wauters