1/48 Italeri Tornado F-3  

by Juno Oh



Hello ! I'm Oh.  This is the first time I've posted my model's picture on ARC.  This is my 1/48 Italreri Tornado F3 that I finished recently. 

The Italreri 1/48 Tornado F3 is very hard to get in my country, but I wanted to make Tornado F3 very very much, so I searched several flea markets on internet web sites and finally I got this. 

I thought this Tornado F3 has very nice and appealing looking, but seemed not  popular not only in my country, but also even on ARC because there are not so many finished Tornado F3. I hope I'm wrong.

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It has better detail in cockpit than other Italeri kits, but still dull compared with Hasegawa or some other makers. But by coloring it can be covered up I think. 

One more fault I found is WSO radar panel is for Tornado F2 not F3, so I added one more MFD and couple of more gauges by using plastic panel.

During assemby I had the most trouble in making strakes. Those strake parts are not properly assembled especially among all parts and are also very thin.  So after I worked with putty, I tried sandpapering, but because of its thinness, it easily cracked.  I solved that problem using instant glue.

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I scratchbuilt ASRAAM using kit's sprue.  Fortunately the sprue's radius was almost same as 1/48 of the real ASRAAM's diameter so I could much more easily scratch build scaled down ASRAAM. 

It was fun making Tornado F-3 though I had hard time.

It gives me pleasure having my Tornado on ARC for you all to enjoy.

Thank you!!


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Photos and text by Juno Oh